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AVLOG provides international logistics services to over 120 countries. Our Logistics platform was designed to handle the ever changing needs of the Global Marketplace. Information Technology, Operations and Customer Service are the primary ingredients in providing your company with the building blocks for International Success

More than Aviation Logistics

Our team has over 40 years of Logistics experience. We provide a suite of services which include: International Customs Clearance, Product Harmonization, Duty & VAT calculation, Track & Trace and Returns. Each service is combined to provide a platform that guarantees a reliable network. By providing multiple delivery options and customized routing AVLOG can provide your business with an efficient, cost effective logistics solution.


From pickup to delivery, AVLOG provides a suite of services to meet our customers needs. By combining service with the ability to ship to over 120 countries worldwide, AVLOG is the best solutions provider for your growing business.


By providing a true End-to-End parcel delivery system, AVLOG is able to customize a solutions that provides International Shipping, Landed Cost, and Track & Trace from one platform.

AVLOG goes beyond shipping your packages, our goal is to make you a better international ecommerce business.

Customer Service

No matter how committed or technologically advanced we are, everything still comes down to service. From onboarding to go-live to support, we stay fully engaged in making sure your company has a complete understanding of the implementation process.

AVLOG Technology

Providing a platform that is fully integrated into the AVLOG shipping model is critical in order to control the delivery of your product. AVLOG has developed a system that combines E-Commerce, Shipping, Customs Clearance, Delivery and Returns into an End-to-End solution that provides all of the tools necessary to streamline your international strategy.

We are committed to understanding, servicing and growing your business. AVLOG is the ideal shipping partner because we take the time to understand your sales, operations and technical capabilities so we can provide the solution that meets your needs.